• Clemex Technologies Inc. Issues Convertible Debentures

    25/08/2008 12:00:00 AM

    Monday, August 25, 2008 - Clemex Technologies Inc. (the Company) or (Clemex), announces that is has issued convertible debentures for an amount of $200,000. The debentures are for a two year term, bear an annual interest of 9% and are convertible at any time in common shares at $0.20 per share. The funds raised through the issuance of the debentures will be used to reimburse an existing debenture expiring August 27 2008. The transaction is subject to approval of the TSX Venture.

    About Clemex Technologies, Inc.

    Clemex Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures and markets image analysis systems and software used by quality control and research microscopy laboratories. Clemex’s customer base spans the globe and encompasses prestigious Universities and Research Centers in many scientific domains, large and medium size manufacturing facilities in numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, raw materials manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining and other sectors.