• “Carbon Fiber Evaluation by Automated Image Analysis” wins

    03/02/2009 12:00:00 AM Tuesday, February 03, 2009 - Clemex Technologies Inc. (TSX Venture CXG.a), designer and manufacturer of Image Analysis systems and software for microscopy applications, announced today that one of its Automated Image Analysis applications for Carbon Fiber characterization had been chosen “2009 Solution of the year” in the Microscopy category of the specialized Advanced Imaging magazine (www.advancedimagingpro.com). The image analysis solution proposed by Clemex allows measuring thousands of microscopic carbon fibers of a few microns in diameter accurately and exceptionally rapidly. It is innovative in the sense that overlapping carbon fibers are measured individually by software, as opposed to other solutions where the clusters must be broken prior to measurement and long fibers can be damaged in the process.

    Carbon fibers are used as very high tech material offering extreme stiffness while remaining very light in comparison with metals, even Aluminum and Magnesium. Because of these two characteristics, carbon fibers are used in a variety of items such as racing bicycles and in the aerospace industry, especially in the newest airplanes such as the Boeing 787, the Airbus 380 and new coming Bombardier C-Series jets.

    Clement Forget, President and CEO of Clemex Technologies declared: Clemex has already sold several Image analysis systems to aircraft and carbon fiber component manufacturers for incoming raw material and finished parts characterization and we believe that there are many more sales to come, given the extraordinary properties of Carbon Fiber technologies. Clemex solution for characterization of Carbon fibers now chosen “2009 Image Analysis Solution of the Year” is undoubtedly an excellent Quality Control and Research tool for all professionals in this industry”

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