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Hematology has traditionally been taught using a rather static and purely individual method. Like examinations, teaching is done using microscopes and standard slides, on the basis of which the student seeks to quantify and identify cells.

This work is returned to the student after the teacher corrects it, but unfortunately it fails to optimize learning since the student no longer has the original slides, greatly limiting possible feedback.

Clemex revolutionizes this method 


Clemex HemaCyto Education promises to become the showpiece of the teacher’s toolkit, in addition to familiarizing students with advanced technology used in their future workplaces.

Micheline Magnan, a hematology teacher at Saint-Hyacinthe College, has assessed our product and is delighted by it. “While in the lab, my students can do their differentials by means of both methods, the manual method using microscopes and the automated method using software,” she says. “As an educational institution, we can state proudly that we are in the forefront of technology.” 

To establish a valid basis of reference, the teacher conducts an initial classification of the differential on eight standard slides. These slides may then be displayed on a central screen for group discussion or, once the pre-classification is removed, shared with the student for practical evaluation purposes. Used in this way, the software enables students to do their own diagnoses by moving cell images into the categories they select, with their corrected evaluations quickly appearing on the screen.

“It’s never easy for students to classify cells they’ve never seen,” Ms. Magnan notes. To help her students now, she shows the day’s slide on a big screeen at the start of each class. She can then make a live presentation of the overall morphology and the anomalies on the slide. “This marks an advance in my teaching method,” she adds.

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