Reducing eye strain experienced by medical technologists

Traditionally, the efficiency of conventional laboratories performing WBC differential counts relies heavily on the contribution of medical technologists who spend hours staring through a microscope eyepiece.

Such work is very demanding in that it requires vigilance at all times. In such a situation, the risks of error are many and multiply according to the increase in volume of business conducted in laboratories.

During the '80s, the International Council for Standardization in Hematology (ICSH) identified the need for standardization of stains. Since then, requirements have been increasing, forcing laboratories to establish rigorous protocols and standardized processes. In this context, technological tools enabling analysis automation provide real opportunities for performance improvement.

Clemex HemaCyto is a leading technological solution that addresses these issues. Technically, it is a computerized system that allows white blood cells to be rapidly identified, while characterizing red blood cells (RBC) and counting platelets.

Locating white blood cells

Ergonomically designed, the system allows the user to see the analysis process on a screen. Each field of the blood smear is quickly captured and analyzed. High quality images of all detected white blood cells are archived and, since they are linked to a customer (bar) code, this allows sharing, traceability, and a link to subsequent analyses.

At the operational level, a pre-classification of the differential is displayed and can be reviewed and modified by a medical technologist in a few mouse clicks. Moreover, the software allows the user to review the images at high magnification in order to characterize the red blood cells, and simplifies the task of the hematologist during the validation stage.


Automated system for white blood cell differential count, Clemex HemaCyto


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