White blood cell differential (WBC)

Clemex HemaCyto automatically locates leucocytes and preclassifies normal cells (neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes) as well as some abnormal cells (blasts). Easily reclassify cells manually and produce detailed reports. Find the exact position of abnormal cells on a slide. Review stored images of cells or transfer them to other laboratories.

Clemex HemaCyto Education is ideal for technician training facilities seeking an automated WBC differential method using software for education purposes.

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  • Clemex HemaCyto Education

    Teaching WBC differential

    Clemex HemaCyto Education allows students to observe white blood cells on a computer screen rather than through a microscope, place them in the... learn more

  • Clemex HemaCyto

    WBC differential and RBC characterization

    The Clemex HemaCyto system is the most recent microscopy system for peripheral blood smears analysis. Able to locate white blood cells, Clemex HemaCyto is the... learn more

  • Image Analysis Reports

  • WBC differential report

    Differential values and comments exported after approval by a hematologist

    Sample: Peripheral blood smear

  • Hematology technician report

    Communication report for slide with abnormal cells awaiting approval by hematologist

    Sample: Peripheral blood smear