Sphere characterization

Measure air bubbles in emulsion, microsphere size, sphere morphology and pore size using Clemex PSFilter or Clemex Vision Lite. Contact us with details of your analysis.

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  • Image Analysis Reports

  • Air bubbles in emulsion (1)

    Diameter and volume

    Sample: Bubbles in glycerin/mineral oil emulsion

  • Air bubbles in emulsion

    Distinguish bubbles from glycerin and isolate air bubbles from oil bubbles. Measure size, shape, count and area percent.

    Sample: Glycerin (90%) and mineral oil (10%)

  • Air bubbles in glass beads

    Quantify bubbles per bead and area of each air bubble

    Sample: Glass beads

  • Air bubbles in liquid

    Diameter, perimeter, area and aspect ratio

    Sample: Air bubbles in water

  • Cake bubble size

    Detect all bubbles seperately. Measure diameter, perimeter and area

    Sample: Cake Bubbles

  • Microsphere size

    Measure a range of particle sizes, eliminate touching particles

    Sample: Polymer (polystyrene and polystyrene divinilbensene) in water

  • Sphere morphology

    Particle boundaries, surface fraction, fine structure

    Sample: Image of spheres from SEM

  • Sphere size and pore area

    Discriminate and measure spheres (cicular diameter, sphericity) and their pores (area)

    Sample: Image of spheres from SEM