Use Clemex Captiva to capture high definition images from your microcsope, add non-destructive annotations and perform manual measurements. Clemex Vision PE is ideal for intricate image analysis applications. Clemex Vision Lite is the perfect tool for routine image analysis applications. Contact us with your specific needs.

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  • Best Product Choice

  • Clemex Vision PE

    The most complete image analysis solution

    The exceptional range of digital functions makes this one of the most powerful multipurpose image analysis systems available. It is a fully integrated system... learn more

  • Clemex Vision Lite

    The perfect partner for single applications

    Clemex Vision Lite is ideally suited to repetitive image analysis applications which can be easily analyzed with our optional Application Modules. Together... learn more

  • Clemex Captiva

    Scientific image capturing and measuring

    Intelligent entry-level software for capturing, quantifying and sharing images.
    For labs seeking a robust out of the box solution for simple... learn more

  • Image Analysis Reports

  • Meat flake color distribution

    Measure meat flakes according to their color. Area, length and area percentage

    Sample: Bovine meat flakes

  • Slurry protein fiber length

    Fiber length of slurry proteins

    Sample: Fibers of Slurry proteins mixed with water for preparation

  • Parasitic Nematodes Worm Mobility Assessment

    Distinguish worms from background and evaluate their mobility

    Sample: Three images of the same worms, captured at different time

  • Yeast cell count

    Percentage of dead and living cells. Classify and count cells that are in gestation and those that are not

    Sample: Sketch of yeast cells with some in gestation

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