Use Clemex PSA for automatic particle size distribution of micronized rubber powder. Analyze surface profile of manufactured rubber pieces with Clemex Vision Lite. Use Clemex Captiva to easily document defects. Contact us with details of your analysis.

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  • Best Product Choice

  • Clemex Vision Lite

    The perfect partner for single applications

    Clemex Vision Lite is ideally suited to repetitive image analysis applications which can be easily analyzed with our optional Application Modules. Together... learn more

  • Clemex PSA

    Reproducible particle size and shape image analysis

    Addressing a need in the field of particle characterization, the Clemex PSA is a versatile particle size and shape image analysis tool that can be used in a wide range... learn more

  • Image Analysis Reports

  • Crushed rubber powder particles

    Circular diameter, roundness, area, length, width, aspect ratio, sphericity and roughness.

    Sample: Micronized rubber powder containing metallic oxides and textile

  • Surface roughness of rubber

    Surface roughness with profiles and 3D representation

    Sample: Rubber piece

  • Quality Standards