Cleanliness of Components of Fluid Circuits in Road Vehicles

One of the methods mentioned in ISO 16232, which greatly speeds up the analysis, is to combine image analysis software to a motorized stage to scan the sample. Clemex PSFilter is such a system and complies fully with the requirements of ISO 16232. Standard test methods and report templates are included to match the standard exactly, and can be modified to extract additional information according to specific customer requirements.

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  • Clemex PSFilter

    High precision solutions for cleanliness analysis

    The measuring of particle contamination is of the utmost importance in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Damage caused by these particles can often... learn more

  • Image Analysis Reports

  • Cleanliness Inspection

    Cleanliness inspection according to ISO 16232

    Sample: Filter

  • Engine oil filter debris

    Diameter, length, width, area, sphericity, roundness, aspect ratio

    Sample: Metallic and non metallic debris collected from engine oil filter