Clemex Powder Disperser

Automated dry powder slide preparation

The Clemex Powder Disperser is a dry, free-flowing powder disperser used to “uncluster” particles so that they might be easily observed and measured on glass slides for image analysis by optical microscopy.


    No damaged or broken particles

    The Clemex Powder Disperser uses vacuum, insuring that no particle is damaged or changed by the disperser’s environment.


    Ensures reliable results

    The computer controlled unit ensures perfect dispersion. Analysis is then made easy and repeatable.

Your Challenges / Our Solutions

Perfect dispersion

Once the Clemex Powder Dispersion unit pushes the powder into the vacuum tube, the particles slowly fall onto the glass slides positioned on each side of the dispersal nozzle, ensuring that the particles aren’t bunched-up or clustered.

Computer controlled

The Clemex Powder Disperser is controlled by software. The user can modify the starting pressure, the dispersion flow and dispersion time. With one click, the Clemex Powder Disperser unit scatters powder inside its vacuum tube to produce glass slides with perfectly distributed particles.

System includes

  • The Clemex Powder disperser unit and software
  • 3 nozzles
  • 1 disperser head
  • 1 sample holder

Key features

  • Reliable and repeatable
  • Pre-defined settings for various particle types
  • Vacuum system avoids surrounding contamination
  • Easy cleaning