Clemex Captiva

Scientific image capturing and measuring

Intelligent image capture

High definition image quality combined with automated shading correction, exposure and calibration make Clemex Captiva stand out among entry-level image analysis systems for its performance, flexibility and automation.

Image stitching and extended depth of field

Whether you have a motorized or manual stage, the mosaic feature seamlessly stitches multiple fields to form one composite image that can then be analyzed as a whole. This feature can be combined with a multi-layer grab option for uneven surfaces.

Automated results for direct measures

Live or stored images captured in a sequence can be analyzed manually using different measurements. Results and statistics are then produced automatically for an unlimited number of fields.

Human skin tissue

Features Overview

Enhanced Image Capture

Automatic Shading Corrector

Our software's unique fully automated shading correction feature ensures even illumination for images captured using the system’s camera. The image on the left was captured without a shading corrector. A pseudo-color LUT was applied to show the differences in gray levels.

Extended Depth of Field

The Multi-Layer Grab feature allows you to work on a sharp composite image of an uneven surface, made up of several image slices captured at various depths. This function can adapt to either manual or motorized focus systems.

Stitching of Multiple Fields

With the Mosaic feature, Clemex software automatically stitches multiple fields to form a large image of unlimited resolution (memory dependent). This option can be used with a manual or motorized stage.

Calibration Settings

Calibrate your system manually or automatically. Associate different calibration settings for each objective lens or camera. Store an unlimited number of settings to be used later at the touch of a button.

Auto Exposure

Once you have set the initial target intensity, you can duplicate lighting conditions any time with a simple click of the Auto Exposure button. Adjusting camera shutter speed manually is not necessary.


Scan photos directly into the software, calibrate and perform your analysis.

Characterize & Measure

Automation Features

Camera Control

Cameras can be controlled directly within an imaging script. Automating this step means calibration and intensity can be changed during analysis without any manual adjustments.

Auto Focus

No need to focus manually, automated focusing offers precision and speed. Quality results depend on image clarity and with Clemex that is what you get. With the Auto Focus you will always end up with a perfectly detailed image to rely on for your measurements.

NIST-Traceable Auto Calibration

Using our NIST traceable micrometer, Clemex software automatically calibrates each lens, eliminating operator subjectivity. The system returns accurate, reproducible and traceable results.

Automated Image Stitching

Clemex software can automatically stitch multiple fields to form one large image. Furthermore, this function can be combined with the multi-layer grab to reconstruct a completely focused image. Perfect for uneven oversized samples.

User Experience Features

Non-Destructive Annotations

Annotations, be they logos, text, arrows, or any other shape, are not burned into the underlying image, so they can be turned on to be added in a standard report, or turned off to view the pristine image.

Smart Scale Line

Scale lines instantly display the correct reference length based on the chosen magnification. Color, size, thickness, and intervals are also easy to change by double-clicking on the line.

Magnifying Glass Tool

The tip of the cursor can act as a magnifying glass to enhance portions of the image and help in identifying particles or anomalies.

Virtual Joystick

The Motorized stage can be controlled through the software with a virtual joystick that allows you to move the stage in all directions, focus manually, or trigger auto-focus events.

Centering Tool

The Centering Tool allows you to keep desired features in the center of the image field when switching magnification.

Outline of Sample Holder

A virtual stage can be made to appear in the Stage Window, allowing you to position stage patterns with precision.