Clemex Vision Lite

The perfect partner for single applications

Optional Application Modules for Clemex Vision Lite

Adjustable pre-built routines for analyzing phases, grain size, layers, particles, dendritic arm spacing, and custom applications.

Phase Analysis 

Clemex Phase Module allows users to count any number of clearly distinguishable constituents or phases within a microstructure, providing a statistical estimation of the volume fraction of different phases. Each module contains a range of different routines, from two phases in black & white to up to five phases in color.

Grain and Cell Sizing 

Clemex Grain and Cell Sizing Module allows users to measure grain intercept, intercept counts, intersection counts, grain boundary length, and grain areas in accordance with ASTM E 112, ASTM E 930, and ASTM E 1382 methods, with validation using the Heyn method.

Layer Thickness 

Clemex Layer Thickness Application Module allows users to measure the thickness of thin surface layers on metals, alloys, carbides, and oxides (ASTM B 487). There is a range of different routines, from one layer of porous coating to multiple layers of different types of coating.

Particle Sizing 

Clemex Particle Sizing Application Module allows users to reliably assess the size and shape of particles as small as 0.5 micron. By using optical microscopy this package offers statistical and individual data on a large sample of particles. This module contains eight different routines with examples and tutorials.

Dendritic Arm Spacing 

Clemex Dendritic Arm Spacing (DAS) Module allows users to measure the distance between adjacent secondary arms of a dendrite.  It is needed for materials with dendritic structure like cast aluminum alloys.

Single and Custom Applications

Have our staff develop a custom routine for you or choose from a wide variety of single pre-built routines: banding, welding, flakes, nodules, titanium structures, decarburization depth, surface roughness, inclusion ratings and more.