Clemex Vision PE

The most complete image analysis solution

Application Modules

These customized imaging routines offer you fast and easy-to-use analysis methods for typical examples of an application. Clemex Vision PE comes with the following Application Modules: Grain Size, Multi Phase, Particle Size, and Coating Thickness.

3D Rendering and Analysis

Using the focus motor, the stage controller, and the advanced multi-focus you can view a 3D topography image of your sample. Measurements include Solid Volume,Void Volume, Depth Average/Minimum/Maximum.

User Rights Management

Classify users, keep an audit trail of critical interventions, allow electronic signatures. All these security features are designed to conform to regulatory requirements such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 ensuring data integrity.

Hot and cold stage

Temperature Controlled Stage

Thanks to the temperature profile created and read as a measurement parameter, you can acquire time sequences of images showing the evolution of temperature related phenomena.

Robotic Sample Loading

Process multiple samples with no operator invervention by adding a Clemex Maestroscope to your Clemex Vision PE system. Advanced microplate and slide screening ensures accurate measurements at all times.