Clemex Vision PE

The most complete image analysis solution

The exceptional range of digital functions makes this one of the most powerful multipurpose image analysis systems available. It is a fully integrated system for labs seeking flexibility, efficiency, and accurate results. Even without image analysis expertise, the short learning curve means you will be performing analyses within hours of setup.

  • a microscope with a motorized stage and a clemex camera next to a computer showing automated image analysis software  

    Integrated solutions

    We integrate both software and hardware to produce the most reliable image analysis system on the market.

  • two leica microscopes  

    Quality microscopes

    Choose from a wide array of quality Leica microscopes or use your own microscope for integration with a Clemex Vision PE system.

  • microscopic fluorescent image of cells  

    High definition image

    Digital cameras offering precision, clarity, and high definition to better analyze your samples.

  • medical technician next to a microscope in a laboratory  

    Focus on the user

    A system that is efficient to use and easy to learn, with a modular interface that adapts to your use of the software.

  • results analyzed by staff after image analysis software data was exported to excel  

    Objective results

    Accurate and repeatable measurements based on unparalleled feature detection methods.

Your Challenges / Our Solutions

A high throughput environment

Robust enough to work all night on a batch of samples, these systems allow you to leave the lab worry-free and come back to a set of perfectly clear reports and high-resolution images.

Adaptable to future requirements

Whether used in a quality control, research or testing environment, Clemex Vision PE can adapt to changes in your analysis needs or to new industry requirements. Modular upgrades are easy and cost-effective. 

Perform a variety of applications

Clemex Vision PE is very flexible so you can use it for any number of completely distinct applications including DAS, layer thickness, grain size, graphite particles, surface roughness, phase percentage and unlimited custom analyses.  

Deal with one supplier

We fine-tune every piece of image analysis equipment and software to make your application work. No third party involvement, simply smooth and seamless integration.

International Standards

  • ASTM A247
  • ASTM B46.1
  • ASTM B487
  • ASTM E1077
  • ASTM E112
  • ASTM E1245
  • ASTM E1268
  • ASTM E-45
  • ASTM E562
  • DIN17230
  • ISO 945
  • + more

Types of analysis

  • Cell Count
  • Fiber Length
  • Grain Size
  • Layer Thickness
  • Nodularity
  • Particle Size
  • Phase Area
  • Porosity
  • Shape Analysis
  • Surface Roughness
  • + many more applications

Key features

  • Automatic exposure
  • Multi-layer grab
  • Automatic object separation
  • Automatic calibration
  • Image stitching