Clemex CMT

High definition in automated microhardness testing

When you need a hardness testing solution that produces reliable, accurate, and repeatable test results, choose from the Clemex CMT line of macro and micro, single or dual, hardness testing solutions. These field proven systems offer unparalleled capabilities and are fully ASTM E 384 and DIN/ISO 6507 compliant.

  • Close up of indenter of a micro-hardness testing instrument, two microscope lenses and a sample of a gear ready to be indented with microhardness indents  

    Higher productivity

    Auto-focusing and automatic measuring and reporting allow this system to function unattended for hours, thus increasing throughput and productivity.

  • Mirco hardness instrument next to a computer monitor showing the Clemex CMT HD microharness testing software and joystick  

    Intelligent workflow

    Get results in 4 easy steps with our top-of-the-line automated microhardness tester.

  • 3 microscopic images of micro hardness indents analyzed by clemex software, the images also show a second analysis done on the sample: grain size measurement and coating thickness measurement  

    Turn your tester into a microscope

    Bundled with Clemex Vision Lite and its four modules, the tester can act as an image analysis system. Analyze phases, layer thickness, grain size and particle size.

Your Challenges / Our Solutions

Accurate positioning of indents

With its macroview of the entire sample and its annotation tools, Clemex CMT.HD enables you to position indents precisely where they are required.

Reproducible measurements

Thanks to its high definition camera, Clemex CMT.HD can measure indents with unparalleled precision yielding results that are perfectly reproducible.

Fully automated analysis

Clemex CMT.HD combines ease-of-use, reliability, and auto-calibration, minimizing subjectivity associated with human intervention. Everything is automated, freeing users for other tasks.

More than hardness testing

Clemex CMT.HD adds power to your tester by turning it into a fine-tuned image analysis solution able to analyze grain size, phase area percentage, coating thickness, and more.

International Standards

  • ASTM E 384
  • DIN/ISO 6507

Types of analysis

  • Macro and mircohardness testing
  • Knoop and Vickers indents

Key features

  • High-resolution USB II camera
  • Intuitive interface
  • Professional reports
  • Macroscope or microscope
  • Installation and training in your lab