Clemex CMT

High definition in automated microhardness testing

Auto-detection of indents on any sample

Using its unique auto-detection capabilities, Clemex CMT.HD measures indents on any sample surface, from perfectly polished to rough and etched samples.

Reliability of results

Clemex CMT.HD has a built-in validation function and uses invariant dimensional calibration. Load is also applied using dead weights whose mass stay constant.

The highest image resolution

Clemex CMT.HD acquires images with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels, that’s 300% more than the competition. It produces the sharpest images and finest details ever, producing precise and repeatable results.

Automatic detection of indent on etched sample

Features Overview

Enhanced Image Capture


Get a detailed image of the whole sample in seconds. These high-res marcroview images help see microstructural changes, heat-affected and heat-treated zones, and can be saved for later use in reports or archiving.

Auto Focus

Clemex CMT allows you to focus on all indents or on specific indents with its Auto Focus Template command. Create traverses, then specify on which fields the system is to focus. Green dots on the traverse patterns denote focus points.

Automatic Shading Corrector

Our software's unique fully automated shading correction feature ensures even illumination for images captured using the system’s camera. The image on the left was captured without a shading corrector. A pseudo-color LUT was applied to show the differences in gray levels.

Illumination and Lens Positioning

Software controlled illumination keeps image brightness levels constant at any magnification. Software controlled lens adjustment offset guarantees perfect alignment of lenses and indenters.


Using a scanner to get an overview of your sample is much faster than using a second camera. This is because there is no limit as to the area covered by the field of view. Furthermore, a scanner is an economical option and is easy to install and operate.

USB3 Compatible Cameras

Reduce your analysis time with a new high resolution camera. These compact and robust cameras use the latest SuperSpeed USB3 technology for fastest image delivery. They provide excellent quality high-speed images with zero blur.

Accurate Indent Detection

Reference Circle

Ideal for irregular or curved samples. Position indents at precise distances from the sample’s edge. Once a radius is specified, the distance between indents is determined by a Y value that resets when a field is added to the pattern.

Traverses Perpendicular to Edge

The T-Bar tool rotates traverses to any angle to ensure its perpendicularity with the sample’s edge. Save, copy or paste traverses to predefined locations with a click of the mouse.

Auto Detection

From perfectly polished to rough and etched samples, the auto-detection capabilities of Clemex CMT allow measurements on a variety of sample surfaces.

Measure from Tip to Tip

Indent diagonals are measured using dimensional calibration based on a high precision stage micrometer. This allows for precise results.

Automation Features


Compliance to standards is simplified with a built-in validation function. Indent and measure a certified test block automatically at specified intervals.

Results Window

During an analysis the results are automatically cumulated in the Results window, no matter how many indents are done.

Multiple Conversion Tables

Native hardness measurements are in HV or HK. Conversion tables for HRA, HRB, and HRC scales are in compliance with ASTM E-140.

Professional Looking Reports

Print results using images and histograms directly or export data to a spreadsheet program.

Repeatable Measurements

With software controlled focus (0.1 micron per step), shading correction and a DC regulated light source, objective and reproducible results are obtained regardless of the number of indents measured. The variation is well within the ASTM and ISO requirements.

User Experience Features

Automatic Z-repositioning

This feature allows automatic z-repositioning during indentation. In order to keep precisely the same distance between the indenter and a multi-level sample, the user pre-determines the height of the stage by setting the point of focus of each field in the stage pattern.

Free Run

This unique feature allows you to indent a sample anywhere at will, and obtain statistically relevant results. Simply position the sample, indent, click to measure, then go to the next spot on the sample. Measurements are automatically cumulated.

Save and Reload Traverses

No need to create the same pattern over and over again. This feature is extremely useful for users who analyze the same kind of areas repeatedly. Once a pattern has been created, you can save it and re-load it later to duplicate the analysis on a new sample.

Annotation Tools

No matter how complex the pattern layout, annotation tools allow traverses and/or patterns to be positioned precisely where they are required. Annotation tools help in finding the center of the sample or drawing parallel lines.

Quantitive Microscopy Instrument

Included with CMT is our versative Clemex Vision Lite software, allowing you to analyze phases, layer thickness, and grain or particle size.

Multiple Sample Holders

Clemex provides a wide variety of sample holders for mounted and unmounted samples. Using a simple slide-in system, samples are easily inserted or removed.

Define Region

The system defines a region to analyze based on three coordinates set by the user. A stage pattern (circular / rectangular) is automatically created to encompass the whole region. An automatic plane is created, meaning all points within the region to be analyzed will be in focus.