Clemex CMT

High definition in automated microhardness testing

Fully automated hardness testing system



Custom-built hardness testing system*

*Several configurations are possible. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Component Details

Hardness tester

Clemex CMT.HD system uses a macro or micro hardness tester. Different brands are available; please contact us for your specific needs.

Motorized Stage & Controller

Adaptable to all major hardness tester brands this hardware combination allows you to take advantage of features such as high-volume testing and  autofocus.

Installation & Training

The system you purchase comes with a service package that includes on-site installation and training. This covers integration with an existing hardness tester.

Digital Camera

Different models of high-resolution digital cameras and corresponding couplers have been selected for their suitability for microscopy applications.


Clemex CMT.HD comes with Clemex Vision Lite and four application modules to turn your tester into a quantitative microscope.