Clemex PSA

Reproducible particle size and shape image analysis

Addressing a need in the field of particle characterization, the Clemex PSA is a versatile particle size and shape image analysis tool that can be used in a wide range of applications - particularly in the pharmaceutical industry and in materials science for quality control. Clemex image analysis methods offer an essential advantage: obtaining real size and shape measurements with results that are accurate, reliable and reproducible. The same sample, the same results.

  • Automated particle size and shape analysis  

    Particle size and shape reports

    Analyze particle size distribution of cristalline powder particles, ceramic powder particles, dry pharmaceutical powder particles and more.

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  • a microscope with a motorized stage and clemex camera, next to a joystick and a computer screen showing image analysis software for particle shape analysis  

    Combining the best technologies

    Analysis of numerous samples from the same batch guarantees significant statistical measurements. Clemex PSA is the only image analysis system that offers this advantage.

  • slide holder with four glass slides with bar codes, next to a diagram of those slides as it appears in the image analysis software  

    Seamless integration

    Stage control is an important component in automated image analysis. Our superb graphical interface provides real time updates of the stage position.

  • powder disperser for dispersing powder particles prior to particle size and shape analysis using clemex image analysis software  

    Perfect dispersion

    The computer controlled Clemex Powder Disperser ensures reliable and repeatable results and no damaged or broken particles.

Your Challenges / Our Solutions

More efficient lab production

The level of automation available with Clemex PSA will help your lab reach maximum effectiveness. Generating statistical and individual data for tens of thousands of particles becomes reality, while manufacturing efficiency and product performance are easily attained.

Reproducible measurements

Optical microscopy is the best way to look at large samples of particles that lie in their most mechanically stable position and the only way to obtain real shape measurements.

Traceability requirements

The Clemex PSA system’s user rights management conforms with regulatory requirements such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 ensuring data integrity.

Powder cluster dispersion

As a stand-alone unit beside the Clemex PSA, the Clemex Powder Disperser breaks agglomerates, without damaging the particles, so that they might be easily observed and differentiated by optical microscopy.

System includes

  • High-resolution USB II camera
  • Intuitive interface
  • Microscope
  • User rights management
  • Report generator
  • Installation and training in your lab

Types of analysis

  • Particle size and shape
  • Acicular particles
  • Transparent particles
  • Fiber length and crossed fibers
  • Powder particles
  • Crystals
  • Pharmaceuticals

Key features

  • Powder dispersion
  • Data validation
  • Real measurements
  • No damage to particles
  • Reproducibility
  • Traceability
  • FDA 21 CFR part 11