Clemex PSA

Reproducible particle size and shape image analysis

Isolate particles of interest

Clemex PSA isolates only the particles that matter. Objects can be categorized or eliminated by any desired shape, size, color, or texture attribute regardless of whether they are opaque, semi-transparent or transparent.

Data validation

Every single particle data is listed in the unique Clemex Data Browser and is linked instantly to the corresponding field of view along with the highlighted object. The Data Browser tool allows validation or elimination of data.

Seprarate crossed fibers

Clemex PSA separates crossing fibers as individual particles and assigns each one accurate size and shape parameters. The image analysis system is capable of proper characterization of fibers or elongated crystals, a very important control issue in the pharmaceutical industry.

Acicular crossed particles

Features Overview

Enhanced Image Capture

Automatic Shading Corrector

Our software's unique fully automated shading correction feature ensures even illumination for images captured using the system’s camera. The image on the left was captured without a shading corrector. A pseudo-color LUT was applied to show the differences in gray levels.

Calibration Settings

Calibrate your system manually or automatically. Associate different calibration settings for each objective lens or camera. Store an unlimited number of settings to be used later at the touch of a button.

Auto Exposure

Once you have set the initial target intensity, you can duplicate lighting conditions any time with a simple click of the Auto Exposure button. Adjusting camera shutter speed manually is not necessary.

Extended Depth of Field

The Multi-Layer Grab feature allows you to work on a sharp composite image of an uneven surface, made up of several image slices captured at various depths. This function can adapt to either manual or motorized focus systems.

USB3 Compatible Cameras

Reduce your analysis time with a new high resolution camera. These compact and robust cameras use the latest SuperSpeed USB3 technology for fastest image delivery. They provide excellent quality high-speed images with zero blur.

Accurate Object Detection

Volume Measurements

Clemex PSA features excellent resolution and detection of micronized particles as small as 0.5 microns. Particle volume determination is based on absolute 2D measurements and thus not limited to spheroids.

Object Tracking

Primarily a built-in spreadsheet, the Data Browser also remembers the positions of all analyzed objects, even in multiple-field environments. This allows you to validate detected objects, delete artifacts, and sort the final results.

Contrast Threshold

Transparency, low contrast and more or less perceptible outlines make some objects hard to distinguish. Contrast Thresholding is ideal for faint objects on a filter, thin-walled cells and variable thickness crystals.

Isolate Objects

Clemex software offers you the possibility to isolate objects and measure them separately. The transfer can be based on morphology, color or size. Some common parameters include sphericity, aspect ratio, roughness, length, area and hue.

Color Detection

Sometimes your images may need the extra flexibility of a Color Threshold to distinguish phases or objects with a particular hue. The pink phase in the particles in this image can only be detected using Color Threshold.

Characterize & Measure

Characterize Objects

After detecting the objects of interest in your image you can use any number of custom or standard measurements to further classify objects. Produce and export raw and statistical data for each category of particles, fibers, spheres or irregular objects.

Crossed Fibers Algorithm

A unique algorithm to improve accuracy when defining the length and shape of fibers. This is the first image analysis system capable of proper characterization of fibers or elongated crystals, a very important control issue in the pharmaceutical industry.

True Particle Shape

Characterize particle shape in addition to particle size, to gain a better understanding of how shape can effect the various properties of a product. Clemex PSA provides true particle shape information which is not determined by “correction factors” but which is rather based on exactly what is seen in the microscope.

Percentiles for Particle Size

These statistics are compiled automatically and are available for all object measures. Particulartly useful when measuring the size and shape of particles – be it length, sphericity, aspect ratio, roundness, roughness, spherical volume or compactness.

Automation Features

High Throughput

Data collection is achieved through multiple field analysis using a Clemex 4-slide sample holder and motorized stage. Our robotic image analysis system will allow the user to measure large number of slides simultaneously without any operator intervention.

Separate Adjacent Objects

Particles that touch each other can be easily separated with a variety of automated tools. The end result being that each object is counted separately, yielding more precise results.

Statistically Significant Results

Clemex PSA automatically calculates various measurements simultaneously on thousands of individual particles. It is capable of generating statistically significant results in an amazingly short time. The powerful report generator allows speedy data processing and flexible reporting.

Reproducibility and Traceability

In conjunction with an automated workstation, an image analysis routine can be executed multiple times with no deviation from the initial results. This guarantees reproducibility and traceability of analysis, ensuring accurate results and conforming to 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.


Camera and Microscope

Cameras and automated microscopes can be controlled directly within an imaging script. Automating this step means the following can be changed during analysis without any manual adjustments: 1. calibration / intensity | 2. magnification | 3. illumination / contrast

NIST-Traceable Auto Calibration

Using our NIST traceable micrometer, Clemex software automatically calibrates each lens, eliminating operator subjectivity. The system returns accurate, reproducible and traceable results.

User Experience Features

User Rights Management

Clemex PSA allows the management of user rights, audit trail of critical interventions, electronic signatures as well as overwrite protection of all electronic documents produced by the Clemex PSA imaging workstation. All of these security features are designed to conform to regulatory requirements such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 ensuring data integrity.

Non-Destructive Annotations

Annotations, be they logos, text, arrows, or any other shape, are not burned into the underlying image, so they can be turned on to be added in a standard report, or turned off to view the pristine image.

Magnifying Glass Tool

The tip of the cursor can act as a magnifying glass to enhance portions of the image and help in identifying particles or anomalies.

Define Region

The system defines a region to analyze based on three coordinates set by the user. A stage pattern (circular / rectangular) is automatically created to encompass the whole region. An automatic plane is created, meaning all points within the region to be analyzed will be in focus.

Smart Patterns for More Precision

The system saves time by scanning the entire sample at low magnification to detect areas which need to be analyzed with greater precision in a second step. A custom stage pattern is automatically created to analyze the objects of interest at a higher magnification.