Clemex PSFilter

High precision solutions for cleanliness analysis

The measuring of particle contamination is of the utmost importance in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Damage caused by these particles can often have detrimental effects in machinery and harmful effects in pharmaceuticals. That is why the Clemex PSFilter is specially designed to analyse contamination in different areas by measuring particles collected on membrane filters, wafers, tape lifts, or gel packs.


    Installed and ready to analyze

    Clemex PSFilter turnkey systems come with custom installation, calibration and after-sales service so you can get started quicker.


    Particulate matter on medical devices

    Automatic analysis of contamination levels according to USP 788 on membrane filters. For devices such as catheters, syringes and implants.


    Particles in hydraulic fluid & oils

    Evaluate fluid cleanliness levels according to ISO 4406/4407 in hydraulic and lubrication systems.


    Level of contaminants in fluid circuit components

    Automatic analysis of particulate contamination after pressure rinsing using the ISO 16232 or VDA 19 methods.


    Particulate cleanliness levels

    Measure particle surface concentration according to the IEST-STD-CC1246D standard.

  • various filter holders for particle count testing  

    Different types of samples

    Clemex PSFilter is specially designed to analyze contamination in different areas by measuring particles collected on membrane filters, wafers, tape lifts, or gel packs.

Your Challenges / Our Solutions

Characterizing cleanliness

With Clemex PSFilter you gain a complete understanding of the sample material by generating statistically significant data, by using image analysis, and contrary to Laser Particulate Counting (LPC), the analyses are completely reproducible.

View the entire sample

Clemex PSFilter accepts different types of samples: membrane filters, wafers, tape lifts and gel packs. Using specialized holders and an automated stage, the software-controlled microscope or macroscope can scan and map the sample in a few minutes.

Need for details or speed

If speed is needed, using the Clemex PSFilter with a macroscope will yield results for particles of 5 microns and up. If fine details are important, using a microscope will render particles of 0.5 microns and up.

Conform to international standards

Clemex PSFilter allows to choose from pre-programmed International Standards such as IEST-STD-CC1246D, ISO 16232, ISO 4406-4407, or USP 788. It also offers the option of customizing its properties so that in-house standards can be applied.

System includes

  • High-resolution USB II camera
  • Intuitive interface
  • Robust report
  • Microscope
  • Installation and training in your lab

Types of analysis

  • Micro particles or micro-organisms filtered through a fluid
  • Witness plates that retained airborne particles in Cleanrooms
  • Tape lifts to determine the presence of unwanted particles or fungal spores in the environment
  • Gel-Paks used in the aeronautics industry

Main Standards analyzed

  • USP 788
  • ISO 4406 & 4407
  • ISO 16232
  • IEST STD CC1246D
  • Other standards can be easily implemented