As a registered user of Clemex imaging software, you are invited to subscribe to our Service Plan, ClemexCare. ClemexCare is designed to offer you product enhancements, peace of mind and help you improve your knowledge of our software and its capabilities.

For a one-year period you will have access to:

  • 1. Unlimited Support

    Should you or your staff encounter technical difficulties related to Clemex software our engineering support staff will work diligently with you to resolve the problem. Rest assured, as a subscriber to the plan, your software will always be working at the most optimal level.

  • 2. Exclusive online customer content

    Available only to subscribing members, you will be given password protected access to the Clemex customer extranet. There, you will benefit from time-saving image analysis tips and techniques, application articles, user forums, and other exclusive content.

  • 3. Clemex Product Updates

    Since the last major release our team has implemented over 25 customer-driven improvements. As a subscriber to the ClemexCare plan, you are entitled to all product updates released by Clemex. Notable additions in our latest update include smarter results management, report generation, hot stage integration, microscope automation control, manual multi-layer grab, and the addition of a library of application packages.
    Partial upgrades and patches for our most recent version are done electronically via our client support site. You only need to enter your user name and password and click install and the latest version of our software is downloaded to your computer.

For further information, please contact our service department at 1-888-651-6573 ext. 27

Please note that the ClemexCare plan is valid for one year and does not cover any hardware problems. We will provide the support but extra charges may be applicable for any hardware related issue.

If you are not covered by the ClemexCare Plan, we can still offer technical support at a cost of $150/hour (minimum 4 hours).

Initial Warranty

All our software packages include 1 year of technical support, commencing once your system is installed. In addition, an update module can be purchased anytime during the first year in order to receive the latest version of our software. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information!