• CLEMEX Launches new Microhardness Tester, CMT.HD

    16/03/2009 12:00:00 AM Monday, March 16, 2009 - Clemex Technologies inc. (TSX Venture: CXG.a) announces today that it has just launched its new automatic MicroHardness Tester, Clemex CMT.HD. MicroHardness Testers are used primarily to determine the Case Depth in Heat Treated metals in various industries such as automotive, aerospace and general metal fabricating. Clemex’ instrument have several advantages over competition amongst which, its outstanding optical resolution which is fourfold of others, leading to ultra precise results, and its new unique “Panoramic View” feature, which shortens analysis setup time by at least 50%.

    Clemex has already received 5 orders totaling $350,000. as a result of a promotional campaign for this new instrument. The new clients are from laboratories around the world; SKF in UK, National Defense Canada in BC, Superior Graphite Inc. in Hopkinsville KY, USA, and two orders came from Clemex distributors in India and Germany for resale to local customers.

    Clement Forget, President and CEO of Clemex Technologies commented; “We are extremely pleased with the successful launching of this new instrument despite the severe slowdown in the manufacturing sector, the largest pool where these instruments are used.” He continued; “Our R&D engineers, who had invented these instruments 20 years ago, have surpassed themselves in order to revive this latest generation of MicroHardness testers. We believe that sales of these instruments which have been steady from year to year will most probably increase substantially once the manufacturing sector returns to its cruising speed, hopefully in the near future.”

    About Clemex Technologies, Inc.

    Clemex Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures and markets image analysis systems and software used by quality control and research microscopy laboratories. Clemex’s customer base spans the globe and encompasses prestigious Universities and Research Centers in many scientific domains, large and medium size manufacturing facilities in numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, raw materials manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining and other sectors.