Press Releases

  • Clemex announces its Financial Results for 2012

    14 December 2012

    Clemex announces its financial results for the second Quarter of FY2013 ending October 31, 2012. For this second Quarter, sales reached $1,570,451 an increase of 11% compared to the same period last year.

  • Clemex Technologies Inc. announces conversion of a debenture

    6 September 2012

    Clemex Technologies Inc., announces the conversion of a debenture originally issued on September 1st, 2010 to the Fonds de Soutien Relève (FRS).

  • Clemex announces its Financial Results for 2012 - Sales increase of 12,9%

    27 August 2012

    Clemex announces its financial results for Fiscal Year ending April 30th, 2012. The Corporation ends this Fiscal Year with a sales increase of 12.9% from $5,3 M in 2011 to $5,9 M in 2012. The most significant increase came from North America this last fiscal year with an increase of 36.4%. Net result for 2012 is $43,467 while it was $320,497 in 2011.

  • Clemex creates “Clemex Europe”

    14 August 2012

    Clemex is pleased to announce the opening of its subsidiary “Clemex Europe” in France. This new subsidiary will be owned jointly by Clemex Technologies Inc. (75%) and RAL Diagnostics (25%). It will be located in Martillac (Bordeaux) and operated from the office premises of RAL Diagnostics.

  • A German Partner invests $1,044,000 in Clemex

    4 June 2012

    Clemex announces it has received the TSX Exchange approval and has finalized a $1,044,000 Private Placement with a Strategic German partner Zwick/Roell AG of ULM, Germany.

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