• Board Member resigns at CLEMEX

    12/01/2007 12:00:00 AM

    Friday, January 12, 2007 - Clemex Technologies Inc. (TSX Venture CXG.a), announces today that Normand Labonte has resigned from the Board of Directors of Clemex Technologies inc. This resignation is in effect immediately.

    Mr. Labonté who has been retired from his current Sales Director position since more than two years feels that he feels more and more distant from the business activities and that he would like to benefit from his retirement fully.

    Clement Forget President and CEO of the Company declared: “We are of course very disappointed to loose a Director of this class on our Board. Normand had enormous experience of our clientele and products and was highly respected in the field. Even today, his old body clients will mention this fact at the first occasion. His dedication and hard work as International Sales Director are responsible for most of Clemex success on the international market today. We wish him a healthy and long retirement and we are eager to see him soon in our teaching meeting rooms.”

    The Board of Director of the Company will decide if and when Normand will be replaced on the Board at its next Board meeting.

    About Clemex Technologies, Inc.

    Clemex Technologies Inc. develops, manufactures and markets image analysis systems and software used by quality control and research microscopy laboratories. Clemex’s customer base spans the globe and encompasses prestigious Universities and Research Centers in many scientific domains, large and medium size manufacturing facilities in numerous industries including automotive, aerospace, raw materials manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, mining and other sectors.