Microscope Stages

Clemex is the North American distributor of Märzhäuser equipment for microscopy. Märzhäuser stages, controllers and joysticks can be used with many different brands of microscopes. They can be adapted to suit your particular needs thanks to our custom-made stage accessories.

Available models

MT mot Series

SCANplus-Series, SCAN-Series, ECO-Series, Basic-Series

MFD-2-Series, MFD-Series, PIEZO-Z-Stage, PIEZO-Z-Stage-500-MM

EK-Series, Z-Series (rotating)

MT-Series, EK-MR-Series, MTM-MR-Series, MT-MR-Series

Tango-Desktop, Tango-PCI-S

Tango-Desktop, MS, MCL

Joysticks, Ergodrive, Trackball



Slide Express

Piezo-Z-stages, Measuring systems, Digital readout system, Led illumination

Marzhauser products: Motorized measuring stages

Lien: Motorized measuring stages

Available models: MT mot Series

Marzhauser products: Motorized microscope stages

Lien: Motorized microscope stages

Available models: SCANplus-Series, SCAN-Series, ECO-Series, Basic-Series

Marzhauser products: Motorized fine focus

Lien: Motorized fine focus

Available models: MFD-2-Series, MFD-Series, PIEZO-Z-Stage, PIEZO-Z-Stage-500-MM

Marzhauser products: Manual microscope stages

Lien: Manual microscope stages

Available models: EK-Series, Z-Series (rotating)

Marzhauser products: Manual measuring stages

Lien: Manual measuring stages

Available models: MT-Series, EK-MR-Series, MTM-MR-Series, MT-MR-Series

Marzhauser products: Controllers for microscopes and measuring stages

Lien: Controllers for microscopes and measuring stages

Available models: Tango-Desktop, Tango-PCI-S

Marzhauser products: Controllers for micromanipulators

Lien: Controllers for micromanipulators

Available models: Tango-Desktop, MS, MCL

Marzhauser products: Operating devices

Lien: Operating devices

Available models: Joysticks, Ergodrive, Trackball

Marzhauser products: Manual micromanipulators

Lien: Manual micromanipulators

Available models: MM, MD, MMJ, HS

Marzhauser products: Motor driven & Piezo electronic micromanipulator

Lien: Motor driven & Piezo electronic micromanipulator

Available models: DC, SM, HS

Marzhauser products: Custom built solutions

Lien: Custom built solutions

Available models: Slide Express

Marzhauser products: Accessories

Lien: Accessories

Available models: Piezo-Z-stages, Measuring systems, Digital readout system, Led illumination

Motorized Measuring Stages

Motorized Fine Focus

MFD-2 Series 

MFD Series 

Piezo Z-Stage 500 µm 

Manual Microscope Stages

Manual Measuring Stages


EK -MR – Series 


Controllers for Microscopes and Measuring Stages 

Tango Desktop 

Tango PCI-S

Controllers for Micromanipulators

Manual Micromanipulators





Motor-Driven & Piezo Electronic Micromanipulator

Custom Built Solutions

Slide Express


Piezo Z-Stages 

Measuring Systems

Digital Readout System

LED Illumination